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Lose the visitor counter on your actor website

Actor Website sin #7

Thou shalt stop counting visitors

Besides the big gap between this counter and the huge ad for Wix on this page, I'm curious about the message that is hidden underneath the counter itself. If it's hidden, it must be great, right? It's like the Atlantis of actor websites. Oh wait, whatever the last thing is, it's a link, because the "m" is underlined. I will click it and I will know for sure the meaning of life, universe and everything.


Oh wait, it's just another link to Wix. Way to build up the tension.

Anyways, that's not why we're here. If you're putting a number on your website and not labeling it, I will assume that you're counting visitors. I reloaded the page. Sure enough, the number went up. If I were to reload a page 917 times and give you 1000 views, will I get a prize? Or does that happen once I reach one million? (maniacal laughter)...

If you ask me, you should invert it instead. List the number of human beings on our planet, and each time someone visits your website, decrease the number by one. That will definitely be impressive once you get down to 83.

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