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"Clueless" is a title of a movie, not a designer skill!

Actor Website sin #-67

Thou shalt spellcheck thyself before thou wreck thyself

This actor website was found on Instagram and I'm actually a bit angry with the designer. 

Design is quite nice, BUT at the very moment I read "Contact With Me" I started to Laugh On My Inside Head. "Contact Informations" was a fun phrase, but I really dig that this actor has 8.6M Likes and... wait for it... 5000 +awards from 300 film where he did 60 (not 10, not 20... 60!) hour of extra time. I gotta be honest, 5000 +awards is not as impressive to me 60HR. Extra Time. That's like... so many hour extra time. Wow!

So don't wait a second longer, make sure you Contact With this Miami based actor and make sure to read his "Biographie" and "Filmographie". Yes, I had to check twice. The designer is also from Miami, so no excuse for the website being international or something. I'm not saying to spellcheck everything you do... just the stuff that I can screenshot and poke fun of.

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