Acting Studio for Young Artists

It's no secret. Over the last 10 years, ATNY Kids & Teens has become the "go to" place for On-Camera Acting and Audition Technique. It's why NY's top Agents send their kids to us.

What makes ATNY different from other places?

1. Class Sizes Limited.  Classes can range from 8 - 14 per class.  We're not a factory.  Other places will fill classes to 20 or more.  Unacceptable.

2. Age Divided Classes:  Teens, Tweens, Kids & Tots.  Different ages have different levels of comprehension.  Different ages need different copy. 
If you're in a class with no age separation, get out now.  It's unfair to all.

3. Professional Coaches:  From Broadway to TV/Film Audition Coaches, our 14 professional teachers have 20 years experience in their expertise.  We carefully align certain instructors with certain age groups and disciplines.

4. Free/Inexpensive Industry Meet & Greets:  Most places dangle an Agent  Showcase in front of you to bate you.  We don't.  Our end of term Industry Showcases are Free.  We also provide $25 Industry Hours each week for those who want to meet certain Agents, Managers or TV/Film Casting Directors without having to take a lengthy class or pay unnecessary money.

5. Payment/Make-Up Flexibility:  If you need a payment plan, we'll customize it to fit your ability.  If you need class make up days, go for it.  We understand.

6.  Playback/Feedback:   Aside from written workshop and Industry Hour written feedback, all our instructors are approachable.  Get a quick verbal on how your child is progressing.  We encourage it.

7. Caring. We care. It shows. Our kids know it. So does Industry. So will you. Request a Free Class Audit today and see for yourself! Join the ATNY Family.