Cold Reading & Booking Classes

This is a professional, practical, applicable and detail-specific class for actors that already know how to act. This is NOT an acting class. This is a BOOKING Class. Each week Amy will personally hand pick scenes specifically designed to improve the skills of each individual student. Every student works every class with one goal in mind - TO BOOK THE JOB. The scenes are handed out at the start of class and each student individually prepares their scene as if it were a real audition using THE 15 GUIDELINE MAP TO BOOKING TECHNIQUE. Since the class is designed to mimic a real audition, the students DO NOT rehearse with their scene partner. Feedback will be based solely on the technique. THE GOAL IS TO BOOK THE JOB ON THE FIRST TAKE. Each student will stay up until they book the job or learned their lesson. After learning the technique, you will always know what you are doing and have a definite way of working to achieve greatness.