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Welcome to Web For Actors Avatar!

To use this functionality simply use the md5 hash of your email or your user's email and pass it to us along with the desired size and we will return our user's image.

For example:

  if your hash is: fdcb4887c6c9948f3b841d4939f126e9
  and the size you need is: 680x680
  then you can simply include an image:
<img src="">

PHP example to obtain md5 hash:

$email = "";
$hash = md5( strtolower( trim( $email ) ) );
echo $hash;
//this will return 46ac03ba7b3e01c409ca7daabc9a21a6

Here are the available sizes:

  • 640x360
  • 680x680
  • 680x800
  • 720x540
  • 1440x1080

The concept behind this idea is to create a way for people to access their information easily, but also for the web to be more user friendly. Imagine never having to upload your photo or a headshot ever again. Each time you provide your email address your signature headshot comes with it, and it should be the "signature" headshot if you're an actor. Remember, that using the same headshot everywhere should be part of your branding. So in your social media and your website, if you are using different photos, consider recalibrating your data and have the same headshot on all of your pages.

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