Hi there! Are you developing an actor website?

Some people may not be as willing to share as we are, so we've developed an icon font that works well with Actor Websites. That's right the logos you're seeing above are NOT images, it's a FONT!

Wanna take it for a spin? Go ahead, just click the download button below. The icons included in the package are:

  • Web For Actors font icon - yay, that's us
  • IMDb font icon - everybody knows IMDb, even my mom knows IMDb
  • Stage 32 font icon - social media website for people in the film industry
  • Actors Access font icon - you know, with the cool actor jobs
  • Twitter, Vimeo, Youtube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Flickr and Instagram

If you need any help setting it up, you can ask us... or you can just go for the easy win and create your free actor website with us.