Blind Date

Company: Ozone Entertainment
Role: Veronica Lopez
A flirtatious young woman accepts to go on a blind date unbeknownst to the tragic consequences that are to follow.

Candy Cravings

Company: Lamberg Productions
Role: Psychiatrist
Sally was the best thing that had ever happened to Candy. They were a strange but perfect couple. Until one night, Candy is pushed to the limit and a terrible decision must be made.


Role: Mother
Iris has lost her father. Her mother has come undone. At a crossroads and caught between a disintegrating family and the temptations of youth, Iris struggles to remain her fathers daughter whilst trying to become her own person.


Company: NHProductions
Role: Courtney
A private detective takes on one final case before retirement.

Killer Elite

Company: Omnilab Media
Role: Harris' Girlfriend
When his mentor is taken captive by a disgraced Arab sheik, a killer-for-hire is forced into action. His mission: kill three members of Britain's elite Special Air Service responsible for the death of his sons.

A Metamorphosis Engineered

Role: Elisa Torres
Part 7 of '2 Hours on a Friday Night' is about the growing tension between various nomadic souls and their metamorphic lives.

The Space Between the Ripples

Role: Monica
A priest looking for sex. A prostitute looking for drugs. A dealer looking for love. A lover looking for salvation.

Love Crossed

Company: Jaysan Lunt Productions
Role: Helen
Jerry is loving unsuspecting husband who decides to leave work early to surprise his lovely wife who is at that moment having a secret day of fun with her girlfriend.

Little Black Dress

Company: Noah's Art Pictures
Role: Ebony
Ebony Mason has just found the perfect little black dress. Not in a catalogue. Not in a shop window. Not even in her favourite designer store. It's turned up in the most unexpected place, and it's about to make the most unexpected things happen. Laurence Carver is a hot shot television producer. But he needs a new show fast. And Ebony in her new little black dress has just given him an idea. He's going to turn her into the next big thing by doing something no-one's ever done before. But Ebony is about to find out that things are never what they seem. Especially when you're suddenly the most famous face on the planet. And that sometimes even with all eyes watching - blink and you'll wonder what you missed.

World Full of Nothing

Company: Genre Pictures
Role: Miss Asphyxia
In the midst of a rash of copycat suicides, filmed by the victims and later posted on the Internet, a young girl reaches out in her own video blog for help in understanding the chaos of the world around her. Her videos pique the interest of a pedophile and an FBI agent who hunts Internet predators as both set out to find the girl, perhaps before it's too late.

Flame of the West

Company: Azure Productions
Role: Melissa
In her final year of secondary school, Daniella is suffocated in the suburbs of western Sydney. Stifled in a society and school clique with impenetrably dense conventions and a culture of low expectation, an understanding of her own ability dawns.
Sandy Greenwood
Sandy Greenwood
About Sandy

An award winning Indigenous Australian actor, Sandy has performed in a number of films including 'Killer Elite' with Robert De Niro and Jason Statham and the lead in the Australian romantic comedy 'Little Black Dress'. On stage, she has performed for Sydney Theatre Company, Australia's leading Indigenous theatre companies and Seattle Children's Theater in the US. Sandy has worked as television presenter on one of Australia's top rating television sports shows. She is the host of Global Mana science and nature documentaries in California and Hawaii. Sandy holds an honors degree in Drama from The Queensland University of Technology and has trained with the Royal Shakespeare Company and at the Atlantic Theater Company in New York City. Born and raised on an Aboriginal mission, Sandy is one of the first Indigenous Australian actresses to work in Hollywood.

Contact Information:  
E: jindaproductions@gmail.com   |  W: sandygreenwood.www.webforactors.com
Sandy Greenwood

Sandy Greenwood


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