Company: Stars North
Role: Checkout Girl
Nothing's more important to Samantha than good dental hygiene. She'll do anything to get that perfect, celebrity smile, and if there's one credo she lives by, it's to brush and floss her teeth three times a day. And nothing bothers her more than her last, crooked baby tooth that refuses to fall out no matter what she tires. Lately, it's becoming more of a nuisance than ever, especially when he eyes fall on Tommy Gunn, the new boy at school. When Tommy quickly makes friends with Samantha's older brother Billy, she thinks she's a shoe-in. That is, until her best friend Jessica gets in the way. A big problem to be sure, but nothing clever Samantha can't fix!

This Man's Life

Company: Stars North
Role: The Screaming Woman
A magical tale about a man traveling home to claim his estranged father's inheritance when he encounters a peculiar stranger that seems to know everything about his life.

The Fiesta Grand

Company: Clarity Pictures LLC
Role: Barbara Reyes
Monica left a prestigious school to get away from Rueben who was extremely jealous and possessive. A year later she met and fell in love with James at college and after a whirlwind courtship, they plan to marry against the wishes of Monica's parents. They own "Reyes custom recliners" They're well to do and feel James is not right for their daughter. They contact Rueben in hopes he can prevent the wedding
Sandra Rivera
Sandra Rivera
About Sandra

Sandra Rivera is a professional female Actress with 16 years of professional experience.

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E: sandradee2239@gmail.com   |  W: sandradee2239.www.webforactors.com
Sandra Rivera

Sandra Rivera


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