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Actor Website Tips | Create a link loop between your social media profiles. If you have a twitter account listed, link it back to the website.

Link up your actor website and your social media profiles I see a lot of actors missing this constantly. For instance, they advertise their website in a Twitter post, but when I go to the website, there is no link back to the Twitter.Similarly, I click on the Twitter link from...

Fun Facts | Websites for Actors

Build your actor website Build your #actor #website during a commercial break.

Actor Casting Hints | Impress Casting Directors

How to get cast Keep track of your casting directors names, what they said, even what they wore.

Actor Dictionary | FI-CORE

What you should know ‘financial core' status is an option within the Screen Actors Guild (SAG-AFTRA) allowing actors to work both union and non-union jobs.