California Jewelry

Company: n/a
California Jewelry is about a Spaniard guy that steals all the Time-X watches in the local department stores around South Gate. This is a thrilling adventure of a guy that will break through almost anything to meet with you.
2012 - 2021

My Twin Storage Units

Company: Dutel Communications
I assisted the Dutel Communications with various technical, housekeeping and hands-on work. 1 on 1 level, received training in communications from Dutel.

Aero Travel Innovaton

Company: n/a
Ingenuity of difference is what makes this a fascinating adventure. Several men in Hawaii build an optical robot which can travel through phone wires, and places all around the globe. It is about a man and his magick ring which would open the magick portals of travel through space and time for extraterrestrial communication. It topics about satellite pictures, messaging and communication. In which the Hawaiian natives shared their artistry, time and interests in the magick of space.
2012 - 2013

Author Interview

Company: CBS 5 San Francisco
An author interview about my book Through The Looking Glass. The mystical journey of several people that travel to a magickal civilization on the moon and how the culture, and its philosophies make the tranquility surreal and its community melodious.

Marijuana Documentary

Role: Interviewee
A Marijuana documentary on the effects, usage and how it influences the culture, its people and everyone. How I feel about it and that 420 friendly, "It works great for me and has provided me a solution to managing stressing, pain or bad feelings around me."

Gold Prospecting In A Group

Company: Myman Meme et al.
Gold Prospecting In A Group is a western about several men that go on a mining trip in some caverns and begin to digg for things. They eventually find jewels, gold and earths riches just as they were in Canada from early times. This is a story of team work and how the communities expanded and became contingent on the mining occupation.
2011 - 2012

Two Mary Donn

Company: Goldbays Entertainment
Two Mary Donn is a series of stories about King Niov and his nautical navy kingdoms around Kiev. In which he works as leader of the country and receives Shlevko from nearby and his crew in which he teaches to them about the orbal globing mentoring of the lady Mary of Donn and Conn. The King Niov would be a mystical city minature in a forrest in which Shlevko and his aero space travelers would have to travel by canoe for hours and days in which they would discover the magick King Niov and his cities.

Adventure: What Fear Have You

Company: Goldbays Entertainment
Is a story about several people that find a magick elevator in Studio City and get like an elevator wedgie to the moon, in which the Aurora Dynasty a clan of persons had built an intricate city inside the moon itself in its cratering tunnels. In which there would be forrests to a castle in which instrumental bands would play and the visitors would learn about the philosopies, zen teachings from earth and the magick of the moon.

Indie Films

Company: Mary's UA
I assisted with housecleaning and maintaining of all film sets for production and post production filming for Mary's UA in Studio City, California.

Mary's Arm Clippings

Company: n/a
Is about a producer named Leslie Borodi that tells his neighbors how he stolde $500,000.00 dollars from his neighor Zoltan Gonci and some person snitched him out to the law about having a perpetual marijuana harvest. In which Mr. Borodi persues to the end to kill the person that snitched on him.

Site Millions

Company: Goldbays Entertainment
Role: John
Site Millions is a fascinating journey through the winding roads of Georgia, Florida and proposed travel to the Bahamas. In which a sales person gets a check from a courier that mails boxes of cash by plane to the persons address. John gets a check for many millions and cashes it at a bank. He then travels for 7 days to the Bahamas all expenses paid. John's plan is to become his own cruise line, sell mobile phones, and earn the business of his adventures on the islands.

Eagle Sky

Company: n/a
Eagle Skies is a documentary as a brief viewing of the landmarks of District Columbia and the beauties of the city.
2004 - 2005

Coyote Country

Company: Blue Ridge Lightning
Role: Performer
Professional performer of Nashville Recorded music with Coyote Country and Blue Ridge Lightning. From North Carolina, special events, performed at the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville.

Doc's Island

Role: Josh
Doc's Island is about a Boy Scout troop that goes on a hiking and camping trip to the scout masters farm on the lake. In which as a group we would have the pleasures of trekking through miles of clay mud of a lake where it has rained and the lakes are drawn back for the season. From hunting, to boot and body deep hiking to fields, fishing and around to the camp site where we would cook food, relax and enjoy the outdoors. An ultimate test of endurance and fun of the displacment of the soil and contouring wetness of the lake of the earth. Miles and hours of trekking through mud, farming and wilderness.

Christmas at Karoke Cafe

Company: Karoke Cafe
Role: Performer
It's Christmas at Karoke Cafe, dining, and hot stars people like and enjoy. The Christmas classics are being performed. I sing to everyone from all around the smoking sections to the drinking tables, Frosty The Snowman. In which I thoroughly enjoyed and liked all the persons I had met and had seen there. Thanks...

Point N' Shoot

Role: Stock car driver
A short film on stock car racing through fields. In which each person was a student for drivers education teachers and as a team you had to drive through hundreds of orange road cones all around without causing any of them to fall and at very high speeds. PEDAL TO THE FLOOR. SWERVE ON.

Science Fair

I self-produced my own Science Fair featuring informative news from Science Journals and topics from Science news for the year. This production was a 60minute production produced using Greenbrier Intl products and Nashville Mixing Machinery.

Harry of The Potter

Company: n/a
Harry of the Potter is about a student that hides a secret of feeling embarassed to chat about pottery or topics of working with pottery. Harry of the Potter came into being from creative freetime in which I had used a dictionary on a shelf in 4th grade. In which I was studying the words and came up with "harry" and "potter" from the texts. This information did get to our teacher and our teacher for the class took off for the entire rest of the year and we got a replacment teacher. The filming location for this movie was to be Los Angeles.

Womens Breast Touching 101

Company: n/a
About a student that likes and wants to touch womens breasts. As you can imagine this goes to the principals office right away and is broken up by the school nurse.

My Sister is Trash

Is a fictional story about a rural small city. A student goes to his school and when persons ask about his sisters or family. I decide to tell them about a sister I have that nobody ever sees and then I decided to send her with the garbage. The garbage truck comes around collects all the garbage and my sister.

Fireball Classic Runner

Company: Knoxville Track Club (Tennessee)
First Place Marathon, Mile Runner for Pilot Gas Stations in the Fireball Classic Marathon. I got first prize (Pilot Gasoline Remote Control Truck) shirts and hats.
1993 - 1995

Balisor Ball Summer

Balisor Ball Summer is about a Russian family that is secretly related to all the Governments around the planet and if the persons would find out, they would go after them and take them into bondage because with such relation they would have nearly infinite amounts of wealth.
Kyle Oleynik
Kyle Oleynik
About Kyle

Kyle Oleynik is a professional male Actor with 29 years of professional experience. Kyle speaks fluent German, Spanish and English.

Ethnicity: German
Weight: 144lbs
Height: 5'8"
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Auburn
Contact Information:  
E: volcomexpress@proton.me   |  W: kyleo.www.webforactors.com
Kyle Oleynik

Kyle Oleynik


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