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Judy Cerda
Judy Cerda
About Judy

I am an actress, model, singer and voice over talent. I have been in numerous tv episodes including When We Rise, Rising Tide, My Strange Criminal Addiction, Thirteen Reasons Why, Wives with Knives, Sex Sent Me To The Slammer, Love Kills, Talk Show Launchpad, Best in Chow, Forest of Death, and I Almost Got Away With It. I have been in numerous feature films and short films including Satan's Cemetery, In Three Days, The Browler Brothers, Dollar Bills, No Exit, Spyware, The Cedars, To You For You, Monster of Golden Gate, A Giant Monster Tale, The Painter and many others. I have also acted in music videos, industrials, commercials, infomercials and theatre productions. I have sung for professional cd's of musicians, in commercial jingles/theme songs in movies and have done voice overs for commercials and other types of projects. I am also a model and have been in lifestyle videos, modeled for books, brochures, catalogs, websites and workshops.

Weight: 125lbs
Height: 5'4"
Eyes: Hazel
Hair: Blonde
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Judy Cerda

Judy Cerda


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