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Hakan Yildiz
Hakan Yildiz
Union Actor and producer from California
About Hakan

Hakan grew up in the small town of Tekirdag. As a child, Hakan dreamed of moving to US and becoming an actor. He started acting on stage as a child actor in his hometown. After studying a B.A. in English Literature and Theatre from University of Debrecen, Hungary in 2013, he worked consistently as an actor, guest starring on TV series as well as producing independent films. He traveled a lot from US to UK since his childhood. He became captivated by the work of producers, and began his career in production in 2013 in Hungary. Hakan earned his first producer credit in 2010 with short films like Meditations: Man in Water. In 2011-2013, He produced UK and US independent films such as "Don't Let Him In", "Sicky" and "Days of Thousands Screams" along with numerous shorts and feature films. In 2013, Hakan worked as a Director and Producer at Sweet Dreams Productions in Hungary. He later moved to Istanbul and founded his own independent production company 3Films Production & Distribution with the writer and director Selcen Yilmazoglu in 2014 by making their own films. He now lives in Los Angeles, CA USA, is still an active member of the Producer's Guild of Turkey and is a great swimmer.

From: California
Age: 36
Weight: 119lbs
Height: 5'6"
Eyes: Green
Hair: Brown
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Hakan Yildiz

Hakan Yildiz

Actor and producer from California

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