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Rex Baker
Rex Baker
Union Actor from New York
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Rex Baker was born and raised in Rochester, New York, where sports dominated much of his early life and teenage years. He enjoyed lifting weights in high school and was heavily involved in sports and athletic activities, from lacrosse to football, and continued lifting weights throughout his college years, though he did make time to play lead guitar in a rock band. After graduating from the University of Rochester, his weight-lifting turned into two decades long, successful career in competitive bodybuilding, in which he was one of the top National Bodybuilders in the country, as well as, a highly sought-after Personal Trainer. During his twenty years as a Professional Bodybuilder and small business owner, Rex also had a successful reggae D.J. career in New York.Because of Rex's comfortable and natural stage presence, while performing in front of large crowds on stage and in front of the camera, his personal manager advised Rex to pursue an acting career while bodybuilding. He was cast in a small role in New York, and from there he went to New Orleans and started working as a featured extra. Within two years, he was playing supporting roles and lead roles. Rex is now trained in Martial Arts, specifically Hapkido, Stunt Training, Weapons, and Firearms, and continues Acting Classes to perfect his skills. He credits Bodybuilding for much of his success.

From: New York
Age: 58
Weight: 210lbs
Height: 5'9"
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Bald
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Rex Baker

Rex Baker

Actor from New York

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