Actor from California Raghuram   Shetty

SAG-AFTRA Eligible

Raghuram Shetty
Raghuram Shetty
Union Actor from California
About Raghuram

While working in Apple (IT expert), colleagues loved introducing me as "Walking Encyclopedia!" My friends always proudly joked "Ask what he doesn't do instead of what he does!" With abundant experiences from all walks of life, I'm a well-rounded Actor and a vibrant Preforming Artist. If I wasn't acting then I'd be a social leader motivating people to "live and let others live" through motivational speeches, films, education and story telling.Raised in rich villages of coastal India full of vibrant cultures, I trained myself in many advanced ancient classical Dance-Drama Improv theaters and Folk Performing Arts (PAs). My strange childhood love was to explore and conquer multiple dimensions of life. This helped me master many diverse skills in Farming, PAs, Marshall Arts, Dances, Sports, Yoga, Spritiual sciences and many other activities with State/National level awards. Many of these theaters taught me how to naturally transform into the character quickly, grow as an expert improv Actor, sustain hours of energy etc. Thru careful analysis, observation. continuous hard work and seeking formal training from various Gurus, I accomplished my 'dream come true school career' (Gold medalist/ Best Outgoing Student / "Champion of Champion" Awards in all Schools and Universities attended)! I developed my passion for acting at the age of 8 from brother Dr Narayan and performed a lead role in school play. As 6th grader I performed a lead character in one of the most advanced classical dance-drama theater "Yakshagana". Even seasoned actors were mesmerized by my series of rigorous dances & improv dialogues in all night musical. In 1994 I moved to New England for IT work. But I founded various Drama schools including "Yakshaloka USA", an organization that helped me introduce, and promote various ancient Performing Arts (PA) from India for the first time ever in Western world's history. Partnering with various international organizations and charities, I trained thousands of local kids and adults (for free!) in Drama and diverse theatrical PAs of India such as Yakshagana, kOla/ teyyam, and dozens more. With my multi-talented sons and wife, I was fortunate to stage hundreds of diverse and unique shows in major theaters across USA. With my sons winning international acting awards in Hollywood, I decided to pursue my Hollywood Acting career and we moved to Los Angeles. Since 2014, while maintaining my IT career, I got featured as lead in many short films, National / International commercials, TV/Webseries, PSAs, Music Videos etc. I continued to write / direct and showcase my own showcases in major Theaters and big parades. For example, on 27 Sept 2014, dressed in heavy costumes, I reached out to 40,000+ Orange County audience while dancing over 5 hours in a continuous roving entertainment. This attracted African drummers and many musicians to join my parade instantly! IGV announced me as "World #1 performer of most diverse and vibrant Performing Arts".  Besides being an Actor, I love educating diverse communities thru story telling using my abundant Arts/tools/scientific research experience. I and my family are very adventurous, research oriented, fun loving world travelers with love for ancient cultures, spiritual sciences thru contemporary Arts and creations.  My aim is to become world renowned Actor and a real world role Model to innovate, entertain, educate and inspire mass in transforming this world to a better place to live everyday.

From: California
Weight: 187lbs
Height: 6'0"
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black
Raghuram's Representation:   Tom Hilyard  
Raghuram Shetty

Raghuram Shetty

Actor from California

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