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Actor Website Tips | Don't advertise your website until it's ready

Why is your actor website blank When I work with actors individually, the process is as follows:Create and populate your actor websiteGet a domain name and an email addressGet social media banners with your name, occupation, union affiliation and the...

Fun Facts | Websites for Actors

Build your actor website Build your #actor #website on a long elevator ride.

Actor Casting Hints | Impress Casting Directors

How to get cast ALWAYS bring your headshot and resume. Don't assume they'll have it from your agent.

Actor Dictionary | Teleplay By vs Written By

What you should know

Often times, in the credits of a TV show, you wont see a "written by" credit but instead youll see a "teleplay by" credit. What' the difference?In TV, a lot of the time someone will develop the story for an episode but will not write the actual script for that particular episode. If this is the case, the writer will get a "teleplay by" credit and the person who developed the story will get a "story by" credit.