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Actor Website Tips | Make sure your designer knows a thing or two about acting

Not everyone can design an actor website I'm so tired of the cheesy clip arts and non-related images of globes and handshakes on all the actor websites. I'm sure that all the casting directors can attest to the same.Unfortunately when someone doesn't know...

Fun Facts | Websites for Actors

Build your actor website Build your #actor #website instead of snoozing.

Actor Casting Hints | Impress Casting Directors

How to get cast Sending thank you notes? "It was great to meet you. Thanks for having me in." Signed. Sealed. Delivered.

Actor Dictionary | TAFT-HARTLEY

What you should know Refers to a legislative ruling also known as the National Labor Relations Act. Allows non-union actors to work their first union job and any others within a 30-day period of the first booking without having to join the union. They may not work any union job after the 30-day period without joining the union.