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Lisa Lafayette
Lisa Lafayette
Union Actor from California
About Lisa

Comedic actress half African American and half Puerto Rican, I didn’t get the good hair though. I am trained in both improv and general silliness and I still dream of marrying Will Smith. I am currently now dating Idris Elba (Although this may all be only in my mind) I used to be in the movie theatre business for 15 years as a GM and ran theaters all over the country. I have been writing with my partner in crime, friend, and big brother Tom Mathley for the last few years.   Sadly the world won’t get to share in anymore of our collaborations, as I have lost my dear friend in the midst of the COVID-19 virus.  But, I know he’s still here checking in on me from time to time and making fun of the fact that I can’t spell to save my life.   Thank goodness for spellcheck, should your life depend on it you would most assuredly die if I was required to spell something. I’m a blerd (black nerd). I have been studying improv for the last 7 years and I absolutely love it.  I’ve recently started the core program at The Groundlings and can’t wait to get back.  The gift of making someone laugh means almost more to me than my chucks do.  And frankly my chucks are pretty cool because not only are they custom but there slip ons.  Yeah I roll hard.  I fell into comedy through a basement library writing program back in Dallas, TX years ago.  We had to write a short story and read it aloud.  As I shared one my most humiliating and entertaining tales about ice skates and a toe pick, I noticed that they were laughing.  C.J Critt who’s was leading the workshop asked how long I had been acting or doing stand-up. When I told her I wasn’t an actor she introduced me to my first improv class and I’ve been hooked on it and acting ever since. I look about 25 I give my credit to my mother and laughter for that. I decided to follow in the steps of Phyllis Diller by starting at the young age of none of your flipping business. But I’m looking forward to an exciting career in both TV and Film on both sides of the camera performing and writing.Lisa Lafayette is an actress and writer, known for The Interview (2016), Frackers (2019) and Segfault (2018).

From: California
Ethnicity: Mixed Race
Weight: 265lbs
Height: 5'1"
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Medium, Brown
Lisa's Representation:   Sacaar Williams  
Lisa Lafayette

Lisa Lafayette

Actor from California

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