Actor/Singer/Dancer from New York Elizabet   Manchola

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Elizabet Manchola
Elizabet Manchola
Actor/Singer/Dancer from New York
About Elizabet

Elizabet Manchola is a character and an actress born in Kirovograd, Ukraine. She is bicostal and currently living in Los Angeles, California. Elizabet has discovered at a young age that she can not only entertain people with her dancing but also capable of annoying them with her singing too. Growing up in a multicultural home she had learned quickly to use her easily accessible skills in her day to day life. Her Cuban father would listen to a wide variety of music genres all of her life so because of that Elizabet has a knack at picking up stylistic music. Her inability to stand still forced her parents to give her up as a sacrifice to a professional ballroom dance company Olimpus at age 5. In grade school, Elizabet was too preoccupied with musical practices to bother learn English, what she didn't realize is her moving to New York was just a matter of time... but it turned out to be alright. Introduction of Musical Theatre came later, after she moved to United States, in high school. Elizabet was cast as ensemble of a production of Oklahoma! and from then on she was hooked. Elizabet went on to obtain her conservatory degree from The American Musical and Dramatic Academy in New York City and her Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Musical Theatre from AMDA College of the Performing Arts in Los Angeles. In college Elizabet performed as “Hattie” in Kiss me, Kate! and “Madame de la grand Bouche” in Beauty and the Beast. Onstage, she thrives in playing powerful, sexy, and comical characters, but also lets her sweet personality shine through in soprano, soubrette roles. Offstage, Elizabet traveler with a passion for folklore and culture. She has a passion for medieval wear and weapons so she is a frequent guest at local Renaissance fairs. She loves an active lifestyle where she practices sword fighting and tumbling on a weekly basis. When she is not performing, Elizabet loves swimming in the ocean, no matter the temperature of the water is, going to amusement parks, nightly social dancing, baking, and spending time with friends.

From: New York
Ethnicity: Brazilian, English, Hispanic, Mixed Race, Russian, Italian
Weight: 154lbs
Height: 5'1"
Eyes: Green
Hair: Brown
Contact Information:  
P: (585) 309-0668   |   E:   |  W:
Elizabet Manchola

Elizabet Manchola

Actor/Singer/Dancer from New York

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