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Caroline Carter
Caroline Carter
Union Actor
About Caroline

Hello I am a former professional sports broadcaster, who has successfully transitioned into the realm of acting. One of my most recent accomplishments is being "hand picked" by Tyler Perry and given a supporting role as a "reporter" in his latest feature film which will drop on Netflix Jan. 17, 2020, "A Fall From Grace."I also just received word that my PureFlix debut is also happening in January! I have a supporting role as a mother of the bride in an episode of one of their most popular streaming series,"The Encounter." Watch for "Best Worst Day" when it drops!Sporting a great "commercial" look, Caroline has also appeared in many commercials and industrials.She did not come out of nowhere however, as her background includes a solid fifteen years in television & radio, specifically in sports broadcasting in Canada. Skills she acquired as a broadcaster such as anchoring, reporting, writing, producing, ad-libbing, being "quick on her feet" as well as possessing a poised on-camera appearance; all attributes which are turning out to be huge assets as she navigates her acting career.Besides writing for television and radio Caroline has been published on the internet on eHow and other service writing websites in areas of sports, health, fitness, skincare, hair care etc.She resides just outside Atlanta, Ga. in Johns Creek with her husband and four children.Caroline is represented by East Coast Talent in Georgia.

Weight: 132lbs
Height: 5'8"
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blonde
Caroline's Representation:   Aaliyah Conley  
Caroline Carter

Caroline Carter


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